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荷蘭50年工藝大廠Authentic Models,將戶外海、陸、空、星、辰,及探險精神的原萃,幻化作室內物品。其產品精神汲取了人類棄而不捨克服環境挑戰的慾望,透過每件單品背後的故事,讓我們有機會將自己重新擺回人類發展的的縱軸上,進一步鑑古知今,勇敢向前踏出面對未來挑戰。

Authentic Models
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... About Authentic Models (Content Credited from Authentic Models Official Website About US)

I must have been somewhere around eight when discovering auctions and their potential. At one such auction, in the old Dutch port town of Harlingen, I purchased an antique British explorer’s compass, pocket version. Perfectly made in solid brass and working! The compass card was a miniature work of art and science. I imagined its original owner, where, when, how…

With the Spice Islands already discovered, maybe I could roam the Gobi desert on a camel, or sail up the Amazon looking for legendary cities of gold? It felt I carried the world in the palm of my hand. Another time I stumbled on a 1930s flight map of the England-Melbourne air-race. Check it out and be amazed at all the refueling stops. The names, places… imagine the logistics. No blacktop landing strips here.

Hard sand and grass were de rigueur… A sextant to plot course, and a compass! The Dutch KLM DC3, nicknamed ‘De Uiver’ became a national icon by commanding second place, all the while carrying a full load of passengers… not to mention plenty of Dom Pérignon, caviar and foie gras.

AM is now closing in on its 50th year anniversary. Many of our early clients are still with us today. With them we share a passion for the unknown, unusual and undiscovered.
We are now represented in sixty+ countries worldwide. The quest continues… replicating fascinating originals… telling their stories! And we offer your clients a lasting shopping experience. By the way… I still own that little compass from over sixty years ago. Nearly two centuries old, it still functions perfectly! My good luck charm!

Haring Piebenga
Founder Authentic Models Americas  USA / The Netherlands